20's plenty For Radyr and Morganstown

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20 mph zone outside Radyr Primary

By guest, Feb 1 2017 10:00AM

It was agreed in the PACT meeting on the 31st Jan that a 20 mph zone will be implemented on Park Road outside Radyr Primary school. Read about a near miss at the school as reported in The Cardiffian here

Campaign Updates

Request made to the community council for more signs along Heol Isaf - when entering Morganstown there isn't another sign until you reach the old church rooms

Further sessions planned with the PCSO to use the speed gun along Heol Isaf

At the PACT meeting the PCSOs have agreed to monitor parking around the 3 schools

A recent risk assessment  by Cardiff Council suggests 15 min detour to walk to school rather than address the issues crossing Heol Isaf

walking to school

A request has been made to Cllr McKerlick to liaise with Cardiff Bus to change the route away from Park Road, especially during school drop off & collection times